Travertine Pavers


When considering what paver is ideal for your pool, patio, or just the areas that experience heavy foot-traffic, it’s essential that you take into account the inherent benefits that our travertine paver systems are renowned for here at Pinnacle Pools. Providing unparalleled heat-reflecting attributes to complement the natural slip-resistance from the porous stone of the travertine, these pavers are a definite front-runner for many home improvement projects for the foreseeable future. Here’s why!

  • Proven serviceability by trusted professionals (designers & architects, respectively) in various aspects of a swimming pool - i.e. decking, surfacing, tiling, edging, coping, etc.

  • Various colors, designs, styles and installation techniques ensure that each application of the travertine pavers have the potential to equally cost-effective and aesthetically unique.

  • With the added visual appeal and safety to your home’s backyard, you can rest assured that the financial investment in your travertine pavers will be well worth it; immediately!

  • Take full advantage of our travertine pavers’ wide-range of possibilities - from tasteful finishes (brushed, chiseled, polished, honed, or tumbled) to a full-spectrum of colors and hues (earth tones, creams, grays, browns as well as bolder examples, such as golden oranges and vibrant sunbursts)

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