Outdoor Irrigation


As per our service standard here at Pinnacle Pools, it’s our duty and obligation to inform you, our potential client, of the pertinent and prevailing importance of having a properly designed, installed, and managed irrigation system. Considering we live in one of the most sweltering and arid climates in the Southwest of the United States, it’s essential that your property is receiving adequate watering, draining, and overall saturation. True, many of our valued customers realize the merit of having a synthetic lawn or turf installed at their home, however, there is a large portion who favor an organic lawn for equally worthy reasons. This is where our professional irrigation services ensure their lawn is covered in the critical aspects that comprise an efficient irrigation system:
  • Drainage - Water pooling, puddling, or accumulation can undermine not only your home’s lawn but its foundation as well!
  • Saturation - The entire point of an irrigation system is to provide your lawn, gardens, and flora with adequate water, without excess waste.
  • Savings - With a customized irrigation system, it’s been shown to reduce water waste, yes, but it also improves lawn quality too! This alleviates the need for frequent weeding and herbicide application.